Melbourne's On Diamond reveal psychedelic new single Candle' - an ominous reflection examining the dangers that present themselves when it comes to ugly, covered up truths

Published by: This Much Talent | 11-Sep-2020
A stunning collection of artistically nuanced songs.. On Diamond's ability to match themes with music becomes more pertinent with each listen. ˜…˜…˜…˜… ” Nick Crameri, Sungenre
This band manages to do something rare these days which is to create/craft a unique sound.. If you want some pointers then it can be described as Murray Street era Sonic Youth in terms of avant rock guitar elements combined with Sandy Denny like vocalese, and in respect of contemporary Aussie music the nearest comparison would be Tropical Fuck Storm, or that band's predecessors The Drones. ” Bob Osborne, Aural Delights (UK)

Fearlessly traversing a multitude of genres while probing the deeper parts of the human psyche, Melbourne's On Diamond return with intriguing new single Candle'. The band broke barriers with their eponymous 2019 debut, featuring the head-turning singles How', Poison Blood', and Light'; their genre-defying sound garnering instant success. Now, the beloved quintet are back and excited to reveal their next alt-pop oddity in the introspective mantra that is Candle'.

Set to be released Friday 4 September via Eastmint Records, Candle' is the first we've heard from the band since their critically acclaimed self-titled album earned nominations for The Australian Music Prize and Music Victoria Awards' Best Album and landed Album Of The Week on RRR, PBS and 4ZZZ. Without skipping a beat, the band's new single continues with the same impressive momentum, opening with an eerie atmospheric loftiness before breaking into a punchy crescendo of clanging cymbals, psychedelic, reverb-drenched guitar riffs and densely layered ethereal vocals.

A truth candle is a magic candle fashioned by the mystics in The Forgotten Realms - a world in Dungeons and Dragons. It acts as a truth serum and all who fall under its power are compelled to tell the truth. This song recalls a moment in my late teens when I learned a painful familial truth. It was extremely jarring but at the same time it revealed the root of a darkness I'd felt my entire life, which in a strange way brought a sense of relief. The song is also a reflection on recognising the ugly, covered up truths present in our society and how we decide to respond to and engage with these truths. ” Lisa Salvo, On Diamond

Comprising an all-star line-up featuring members of Jaala, Grand Salvo and Jazz Party, On Diamond presents an interactive group dynamic both in the studio and on stage. Led by Lisa Salvo with bandmates Scott McConnachie (guitar), Hannah Cameron (guitar/vox), Maria Moles (drums), and Jules Pascoe (bass), On Diamond's unique and now-quintessential sound includes hints of rock, noise, alt-pop, folk and improvised music, bonded by freedom of expression and experimentalism. Candle' serves as another example of On Diamond's fortitude, and their resolve to produce music that is both personal and meaningful to them, and liberating in the many different sounds they work within. As a result, they continue to make their mark on Australian music ” more bold and daring than ever.

Candle' is out Friday 4 September via Eastmint

Candle' credits
Written by Lisa Salvo, Produced by On Diamond
Recorded in January 2020 by Neil Thomason at Head Gap
Mixed by Joe Talia
Mastered by Adam Dempsey
Photography by Laura Du Vev Design by Lisa Salvo

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