Melbourne International Comedy Festival Performance Acting Course

Published by: Drama With A Difference Acting School | 17-Sep-2016
Drama With A Difference is one of Australia's leading, independent drama schools and has been operating for over twenty years. It is the launching pad of many successful Australian actors, many of whom were first "spotted" in one of our public performances. Starting on 18th October, we are offering an intensive performance course, that will culminate in a season of shows in the 2017 Melbourne Comedy Festival. There will be a break over the Christmas period, and classes and rehearsals will resume at the end of January 2017, with the Comedy Festival taking place in April 2017. The course offers intensive technique training in addition to rehearsals, and is an excellent platform for any aspiring actor; or indeed for anyone interested in acting in general. Visit our website to read about this course and our history within the Australian entertainment industry.
Venue: Council Street Studio Clifton Hill
Address: 3 Council Street Council Street Clifton Hill
Date: Starts on 18th October 2016
Time: 7.30pm - (Please see details as this is an ongoing course)
Ticket: Please see website link provided as prices vary
Buy / Ticket:
Call: 407091591
Drama With A Difference has operated for over twenty years and is one of Australia's leading, independent drama schools. Countless well-known actors began their careers at this school and some of them often return to teach on a regular basis. Current students continue to be cast in guest roles and major roles in Australian film, TV and theatre,

The school offers a range of classes for all levels and ages - For the aspiring actor, and for those who are interested in using drama for recreational purposes. We are as committed to our recreational students as we are to those who wish to become actors, and many adults who attend our classes come from other professions and / or trades, and have no desire to become actors. They are, however, very interested in performing in a program that offers a rehearsal and production schedule that enables them to keep their day job!

Therefore, although the upcoming Melbourne International Comedy Festival Performance / Intensive Course is ideal for aspiring actors, non- actors are equally welcome. The school has run courses that culminate in shows in major theatre festivals for several years and students are a mix of serious acting students who wish to pursue acting as a profession, and adults who attend for recreational purposes. All have a dedication to the show, and would not be undertaking such a program without the required commitment to the outcome of a successful season.

Students come from a wide cross-section of ages, backgrounds, work histories, professions and so forth, but all enjoy coming together with like-minded people to create a show in a major theatre festival.

For those who do wish to become actors, we are able to provide a list of potential agents to invite to the show, which can act as a wonderful showcase.

Non-actors report an increased confidence as a result of attending these courses, and a marked improvement many people whose work commitments include upfront presentations / public speaking etc... report a marked improvement in these aspects of their working lives.

The format of the course includes a once a week intensive acting technique course for two hours. Our aim is to teach acting as well as putting on a show. On Sundays, there are rehearsals, but not everyone is called every Sunday, or for all of each Sunday. A careful rehearsal schedule will be drawn up and you will only be called when your actual scenes are being rehearsed. Also, if we are given notice, it is easy to work around other commitments you might have on certain weekends.

The course has two sections to it: Section A begins on October 18th and runs until December 20th. Tuesday technique classes are held in Clifton Hill and Sunday rehearsals (when you are required) are held in Kew. Then there is a break over the Christmas period, and we return on January 31, 2017 to March 28th. Then, there is the short season of shows beginning on April 1st. We do the shows on Friday nights and Saturdays and Sundays only, so as to make the course realistic for working adults.

Please visit the link provided, as it gives all the details - times, costs, locations, course format etc...

Our extensive website also gives information about the history of the school, the background of our teachers, our philosophy and background.

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