Published by: MARS Gallery | 20-Feb-2019
Renowned Japanese-Australian artist Hiromi Tango (courtesy of Sullivan + Strumpf) has joined forces with Andy Dinan and her gallery MARS to create and exhibit a series of photographs in celebration of International Women's Day this March.
Venue: MARS Gallery
Address: 7 James Street
Date: 28-Feb-19
Time: PM
Ticket: $120
Buy / Ticket:
Bloom will open with a Fundraising Event for the Global Fund for Women to support anti violence programs throughout the world. Tango's photographic series titled Insanity Magnet will feature in the exhibition along with a never before exhibited light box edition of Insanity Magnet #7.

The Fundraising Event will include a contemporary performance work by Hiromi Tango.

Ticket sales and commissions from the sale of Tango's photographic series Insanity Magnet will be donated to the Fund.

"Women from countries like ours are reaching out to women suffering from violence and lack of human rights throughout the world. Join me to support life changing projects in the Asia Pacific region by attending this wonderful art event", says Global Fund for Women Board Member, Kerry Gardner, AM.

For MARS director Andy Dinan Bloom it is a much-awaited opportunity to show the ways in which the art sector can actively support women in need.

"We see many events celebrating International Women's Day in the corporate sector but very few which are accessible to the public or propose a call to action which enables change," says Dinan.

BLOOM opens 28 February and runs until 16 March 2019.

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