Published by: ArtNews | 16-Jan-2019
International free streaming on line group exhibitions dedicaterd to the Nature at Lys d'Or art web gallery
Lys d'Or presents selected works by international artists who answered to the open call "Magna Mater"

The Earth is a living breathing organism too much suffering lately cause of the damage provoked by the continuous, massive, predatory and irresponsible exploitation of all resources. The Earth is a creative but also destructive divinity. The Magna Mater exhibition therefore aims to be a tribute to wealth, variety, strength of the Nature of Planet Earth

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Lys d'Or is an art web gallery born as spin-off of blog of art and culture Il Ramo D'Oro create to host solo artist on line exhibitions and group shows on a specific topic open to all type of art: painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media, video, comics, music, textile etc"¦ As art web gallery all exhibitions are free, without any costs for the selected artists and 0% commission on any sales, because Lys d'Or (like the blog Il Ramo D'Oro) want to be remain loyal to the original nature of Internet: place of free access and free exchange of ideas and knowledge

- Lys d'Or
- Il Ramo D'Oro
- Katya Sanna

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