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BY Studio 20/17 | 23-Feb-2013
MakerWearerMatchmaker is a collaborative jewellery project that will take place during ArtMonth, March 2013.
Venue: Studio 20/17, 2Danks Complex
Address: 6b/2 Danks St, Waterloo 2017
Date: March 1 - 28, 2013
Time: March 28, 6pm - 8pm
Ticket: Free
Web: http://makerwearermatchmaker.wordpress.com
: http://www.facebook.com/Makerwearermatchmaker
EMail: gallery@studio2017.com.au
Call: 02 9698 7999

NSW jewellery artists and members of JMGA-NSW were recently invited to submit a proposal for a small body of jewellery that responds to one of the nine gallery directors or the art within these galleries at 2 Danks Street. Following these submissions, the directors took part in a "matchmaking process" in order to determine which artists they will be working with during the project. Each artist will create a small series of 1-3 works, which the directors will wear throughout the period of ArtMonth. During this time the directors will be required to wear these jewellery items in public at least once a week and have them available for viewing in the galleries when not being worn. Responses to the work from both wearer and viewer relating to the pieces will be featured on this blog, along with images of the works and artist information.

As part of the documentation process, each artist will be given a visual diary to document the making of the work. This diary will be on display in the galleries with the work and viewers and the gallery directors will be able to contribute to the diary. The aim of the project is to create a dialogue between maker, wearer, viewer in order to challenge the boundaries of contemporary jewellery and increase its profile within the contemporary art community.

The event will culminate in a 3 day exhibition to be held at Studio 20/17 from Tuesday 26th - Thursday 28th of March. Celebration drinks and a chance to meet the artists will be held on Thursday the 28th of March from 6pm - 8pm. This project is a JMGA-NSW initiative, coordinated and supported by Studio 20/17 co-director Bridget Kennedy, with assistance from Alexandra Darby.