LOVE LETTERS TO FUCKBOIS and other Woes of Wayward Women - The Wick Fringe Series 2016 

Published by: Bek Bibby - This Much Talent | 17-Aug-2016
Love Letters to Fuckbois and Other Woes of Wayward Women, co-produced by Emily Edwards and supported by The Dog Theatre Stark and Wightman take on Melbourne Fringe at the Wick Studios, Brunswick from 15 - 20 September 2016. @wick_studios #WickStudios @wickstudios
Venue: Wick Studios - Room 10
Address: 23-25 Leslie St, Brunswick VIC 3056
Date: September 15 - 20
"Prepare to get weird/cry if you're wanting to hit this one up" Pedestrian TV.

"It's not as much a performance as it is a manifesto"-Jonathan O'Brien

"Outstanding fire and heartbreaking vulnerability"- Rhumer Diball.

"Wightman and Stark are clever, hilarious and write a damn good letter, just maybe not one you'd like to be on the receiving end on"- Heidi Harrison

Visiting Melbourne, arguably the Fuckboi capital of Australia, Wightman and Stark are primed to present the second iteration of Love Letters to Fuckbois and Other Woes of Wayward Women and hopefully score some Tinder matches along the way.

After a critically acclaimed sell-out season at Brisbane's Anywhere Festival earlier this year, underground Feminist up-and-comers Melina Wightman and Lia Stark are taking on Melbourne Fringe with their brutally honest tragicomedy in the hopes of sharing their wonderfully unsuccessful love lives with the world (because that's healthy right?).

Love Letters to Fuckbois humorously speaks to the cathartic nature of documenting your love life. Follow these letter punches from the loins of two ladies with too much, or maybe too little experience with men, as they question sex, love and intimacy in the age of Tinder. The clit is the pen and the pen is the sword with these tongue-in-cheek Scarlet Letters- real experiences of Wightman and Stark- that delve into the neurosis of the female libido, scattered with a symphony of (fore)play on words. Is it just these two lasses who define embarrassment in the boudoir or are we all doomed to be unlucky in love?

Figure out your own story as these wayward women define theirs and maybe you'll swipe right.

The Artists"¦

Melina Wightman is an emerging artist from Brisbane. With her background lying in theatre and visual art, her passions lie in making evocative theatrical experiences that stimulate conversation in and out of art spaces. She has worked extensively with the Suicide Ensemble in Brisbane andMelbourne, and hopes to further her career as a feminist theatre marker. Lia Stark is also emerging theatre maker from Brisbane and is recently returned from a year working in New York with Punchdrunk's Sleep No More. Starks interests lie in engaging with audiences in immersive and unique ways while exploring the modern intricacies of the creative feminist theory.


Wick Studios - Room 10
23-25 Leslie St, Brunswick VIC 3056
Running time: 50 minutes

September 15 - 20
Thurs and Fri 8:00pm
Sat and Sun 5:00pm, 8:00pm
Mon and Tues 7:00pm, 9:00pm

Tickets available now via:
Preview: $18 "“ Full $22 Concession - $18 Cheap Tuesday $16

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