Published by: ANP | 23-Mar-2016
Artist Jenny Crompton was presented with the major Sculpture Trail Award for her piece - Sea Country Spirits.

Sculpture Trail Award

The Sculpture Trail Award includes a $25,000 prize and was judged by Tom Mosby, CEO of the Koorie Heritage Trust, artist Jill Orr and design architect John Warble. Constructed using a range of materials including recycled copper wire, tree grass stems, kangaroo bones, feathers and seaweed holders, Jenny's sculpture represents a dance of spirit shapes, gathered to tell a story about the life cycles of the country, and the continuous rhythms that the land has been echoing for thousands of years. Based on the Surf Coast in Bellbrae, the land of her ancestors, the Wadawurrung, Jenny's art practice focuses on themes that explore the environment and indigenous culture of her country.

Small Sculpture Award

Beyond the shore ... an unexpected landscape - by Genevieve Mclean

[MARS] Gallery Career Development Award

Transflective Lawn -by Aaron Robinson

Museum Of Australian Democracy At Eureka [M.A.D.E.] Award

Shed - by Ryan F Kennedy

The Scarlett Award

On the sculptures in my garden' by Stephen Wright

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