Published by: RMIT Design Hub | 19-Nov-2018
Are plants conscious? If we now know that plants use sound to sense their surroundings, does it follow that plants also, somehow, speak'?
Venue: RMIT Design Hub Project Rooms 1 + 2
Address: Level 2, Building 100, RMIT University
Date: 22/11-08/12
Ticket: Free
Call: (03) 9925 2260
Plants and their companions may be quiet protagonists in a noisy world, but at a time when our environment is in crisis, can we take a leaf out of their book and learn from the relationships they cultivate? Plants are part of, and themselves contain many worlds.

Why Listen to Plants? is an exhibition and program of performances, talks and workshops over three weeks. This program arrives in Melbourne following Liquid Architecture's iterations in Berlin (DE), Lofoten (NOR) and Queensland (AUS).

The cultivation of vegetal consciousness begins with deepening awareness of the actions and agency of non- human others. A diverse range of practitioners including artists, designers, musicians, dancers and scientists will explore plants as sites of collective organisation, and their collaborators "“ microbes, fungi and bees "“ as social protagonists. Curated by Liquid Architecture's Danni Zuvela, this program of experimental plant-listening will attempt to model the best features of these interspecies entanglements (reciprocity, mutualism, collective intelligence) while leaving behind the worst (co-dependency, parasitism).

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