Lightgraff artist paints Australia's Great Southern for The Goods Shed's opening exhibition

Published by: FORM | 15-Jul-2016
The Goods Shed's first exhibition, The Core, a spectacular display of art created from light and photography, shows what happens when one of the world's leading urban artists meets one of Australia's most dramatic coastlines. @formwa @thegoodsshedwa
Venue: The Goods Shed
Address: Cnr Claremont Cres and Shenton Rd
Date: Thursday 4th August, 2016
Time: 6pm
In April 2016 Karim Jabbari "“ Tunisian born artist, educator and poet "“ came to Australia for the first time as part of PUBLIC 2016, FORM's festival of urban art and activation.

Using an SLR camera and flashlights, Jabbari worked with Western Australian videographer Chad Peacock and photographer Bewley Shaylor to capture a calligraphy of light in the extraordinary landscapes of Albany and the Great Southern. The Core, which launches new FORM creative hub The Goods Shed on 4 August, is an exhibition of these new lightgraff works.

"My Albany trip was a way for me to explore a remote part of the world I always dreamed of," Jabbari said. "I tried to go deep and dig hard to unveil the hidden beauty of the region. I went out, explored, imagined, then used my light to give the surroundings of Albany a new definition."

A talented muralist who has worked on many solo and collaborative projects, Jabbari is best known internationally for his distinctive 'lightgraff' artwork: the kinesis of shapes, colours and calligraphy sculpted from light, and captured in time-lapse photographic stills or video. It gives the illusion that the photos are digitally modified when in fact they're photography and calligraphy instantly combined.

"The Core looks like it comes from an imaginary world," Jabbari said. "It looks unreal. But one thing is sure, my work is based on light, my light goes deep to the centre, to the innermost, to the most essential and hidden part of the region.

"My work shows you things and places you seem to know in a way that you don't know."

Jabbari's residency is the first in a vibrant Goods Shed regional residency program which will facilitate artists working with host communities and creating work which both captures and contributes to the spirit of the regions. Following Karim Jabbari's The Core The Goods Shed will deliver a full program of events featuring leading international and Australian artists and cultural thinkers. This includes exhibitions, state-wide residency programs, a speaker series and an education program.

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