Life Abstracted 2018

Published by: Cambridge studio gallery | 10-Jun-2018
The annual competition for exceptional 2D abstract art from around Australia. Opening and announcement of winner: Sunday 1 July, 2 to 4pm.
Venue: Cambridge studio gallery
Address: 52 Cambridge Street, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia
Date: 27 June to 15 July, 2018
Time: 12 to 5pm, Wed to Sun
Ticket: Free
Call: 394860169
In its fourth year, "Life Abstracted" is an important opportunity for Australian artists to explore the abstraction genre.

Abstract art frees the viewer from the constraints imposed by realistic images. The mind can roam and the emotions felt can be examined. Journeys to Abstraction by Sue St. John.

Cambridge Studio sees value in all forms of art and tries to support and create opportunities for artists to develop their expression, style and themes. In this case, the gallery has curated an abstract exhibition from submissions open to Australian artists that displays a cross section of modern abstraction and showcases the exceptional skill evident in Australia. Cambridge Studio also supports one lucky artist by awarding a prize, the winner receiving the opportunity to exhibit the December 2018 Prize Show.

More often than not, abstract art would seem to fall into two major categories. The first is bold, energetic and dynamic, while the second is contemplative and immersive. Contemplative abstracts are often introspective works that create an atmosphere of intimacy or allude to a spiritual/emotional experience. While dynamic abstracts can push boundaries with shape or form, explore geometric or mathematical themes and demand active input from the viewer.

Abstract art forms ask the viewer to look into rather than, at the painting.

Selection for Life Abstracted 2018 is based on completeness of vision and the seven main elements of composition "“ texture, form, line, colour, value, shape and movement. Works selected may have all or some of these elements in their compositions.

Come in and see if you can find these elements in the works, there is something for everyone.

Opening and announcement of winner: Sunday 1 July, 2 to 4pm

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