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BY Wiking PR | 15-Sep-2017
Even if you don’t know Lenka by name, you’ve most certainly heard her music. The multi-talented Australian singer and actress is best known for her song, ‘The Show’, which was featured in the 2011 Oscar-nominated film, Moneyball. And, her song, ‘Everything at Once’, was used in commercials for Microsoft Windows 8 and Disney Movie Rewards.
Now, Lenka gets set to release her much anticipated new album, Attune, out October 13, 2017. After a decade of international success with Epic/Sony, Attune sees Lenka taking on the role of producer and releasing the album through her own label, Skipalong Records. Lenka fans across the globe will surely appreciate that the artist’s creative process has become notably more intimate and completely self-guided.

Recorded across multiple locations such as a church in Byron Bay, a rainforest cabin in Southern NSW and her hometown Sydney, Attune explores large-scale themes of human existence, the afterlife, and evolution, with an intention to bring a sense of healing, perspective, and acceptance in this time of turmoil.

Officially premiering on Billboard last week, ‘Heal’ features as the debut single from the new full-length offering, co-written with Sally Seltmann (Feist’s ‘1234’) whilst drinking tea in her Sydney home.

Born in Bega, NSW, Lenka’s family moved to Sydney when she was seven years old. It was here that she received schooling in acting and music, and began work as a highly regarded actress. As a teenager, Lenka studied at the Australian Theatre For Young People, where she trained with Cate Blanchett. Known for her starring role as Vesna Kapek on the ABC series GP, Lenka also appeared in Australian feature films The Dish and Lost Things and guest starred on Home and Away, Wild Side, Head Start, and Spellbinder.

Her musical career began as lead vocalist and keyboardist for beloved and critically-acclaimed electronic-rock band, Decoder Ring, and also saw her cameo on Paul Mac's 2005 album Panic Room.

Attune marks the release of Lenka’s fifth solo album, following on from Lenka, Two, Shadows, and The Bright Side.

Pre-order Attune from iTunes today to receive bonus instant gratis tracks ‘Heal’ & ‘Lucky’.

Purchase the physical version of Attune from October 13th and explore its unique CD packaging; a papercraft diorama sculptural piece, designed and illustrated by Lenka’s long-time creative collaborator James Gulliver Hancock. This craft process allows you to ‘attune’ yourself with the natural world LENKA has called upon as inspiration for the album.


Los Angeles: Hotel Cafe Tuesday, October 17th
New York: Mercury Lounge Thursday, October 19th