Launch of Japan's largest promotion for inbound tourism from Europe

jnto | 7-Nov-2016
On November 7, 2016 (Monday), the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) launches the campaign "JAPAN"•Where tradition meets the future" to promote inbound tourism from Europe.
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To combine Japanese and European inspirations, one of the best creative agencies in Asia, ENJIN Inc., has taken charge of the planning and production of the branding, while German filmmaker Vincent Urban, whose movie "In Japan "“ 2015" movie that ained over two million views, produced the original movie for the campaign. His new three-minute movie vividly portrays the perfect harmony of "tradition," "innovation" and "nature" at 45 locations across Tokyo, Kyoto, Kumano and Ise through the eyes of a European traveller.

The special Website ( opens on the same day and shows detailed tourism information of all 45 locations appearing in this "interactive movie." When viewers click on a scene of interest, related information appears in five languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Experience the contrast and attraction of Japan in this Website, which will be updated again for 2020!

The movie starts from landmarks representing modern Japan, such as Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Tower. These pictures are followed by the majestic nature of the Dorokyo gorge in Wakayama prefecture, the imposing appearance of the Great Buddha hall in the historic Todaiji temple in Nara prefecture, a video arcade in Akihabara, a robot from the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan), the rites of people who are passing on traditions such as the tea ceremony or archery, and modern everyday life such as Don Quijote and Yokocho. Over a runtime of three minutes, bustle and noise is shown side by side with silence. The movie shows Japan from contrasting viewpoints of "tradition," "innovation" and "nature."

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