Laser Cutting Course

Space Tank Studio | 11-Aug-2016
Laser Cutting opens up a whole new world of possibilities to your creative practice!
Venue: Space Tank Studio
Address: 9 Warner Street, Coburg North. 3058
Date: Friday: Aug "“ 26th
Time: 10am to 4.30pm
Ticket: $310
Buy / Ticket:
: www.facebook/spacetankstudio
Call: 409066506
Laser Cutting can be used for many applications... like achieving copper etching printmaking results!
You will learn all the operational procedures for laser cutting and engraving accompanied by a course manual and then use the laser cutter to turn theory into practice.

Once you complete our short course, you get super cheap DIY access to our laser cutter! At only 75 cents/minute we are half the rate of other laser cutting service providers - but - you get the satisfaction of doing it yourself!

Laser Cutting can be used in many ways to enhance your creative practice.

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