La Trobe University Visual Arts and Design student exhibition: In God's Eye: 28 September "“ 6 November

La Trobe University VAC Bendigo | 10-Sep-2016
In God's Eye brings together works by students in La Trobe University's Visual Arts programs and explores what it means to live in the Digital Age. All are welcome to the exhibition launch from 2 - 4pm on Saturday 8th October.
Venue: La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre
Address: 121 View Street Bendigo Vic 3550
Date: 20 July "“ 14 August 2016
Call: 03 5441 8724
Robyn Greenslade Untitled 2016 Collection of the Artist
George Orwell's book Ninety Eighty-Four predicted a dystopian society where an omnipresent government constantly listened to and watched one's every move. Almost seventy years later Orwell's vision of constant surveillance has manifested but in somewhat less sinister modes.

In today's Digital Age our every search, phone call and internet post leaves behind a digital trace. Others know who we are and what we like by mining our digital movements and curiosities. This exhibition brings together works by La Trobe University Visual Arts and Design students and explores issues as varied as surveillance, geo-mapping, the digital genome, social media platforms and the blurring of boundaries between our public and private selves.

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