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La Trobe University Student Series ‘Mashed Up’ Releases 10 August

BY Melbourne WebFest | 07-Aug-2017
In Melbourne WebFest's fifth anniversary year, the La Trobe University interns documented the experience of being a festival intern. When the simple task of creating the annual mash up of Official Selection series go awry, can this year’s team pull it together in time for the festival? They say being an intern can be hard but being a Melbourne WebFest intern might just be deadly. #MelbWebFest #MashedUp #WebSeries #LaTrobeUni @MelbWebFest @Latrobe
Produced by and starring the Melbourne WebFest team. Mashed Up releases 10 August on YouTube.
‘Mashed Up’ is the collaborative effort of the Melbourne WebFest team and their La Trobe University interns that will be released on Thursday 10 August. The web series produced by and starring the whole team themselves, consists of three episodes with a humorous take on the exploitation of interns.

La Trobe University has been involved with Melbourne WebFest for five years since its inception, providing media and communications students with industry experience. The students were given the opportunity to create their very own web series as part of their internship which premiered on Friday 30 June at the State Library of Victoria on the festival’s Opening Night.

Described as the Australian version of The Office, the team documented their experience of being an intern in Melbourne WebFest’s fifth anniversary year. When the task of creating the annual mash ups of the Official Selection goes awry, the La Trobe University interns learn the struggles of pulling together as a team in time for the festival weekend. They say being an intern can be hard, but being a Melbourne WebFest intern might just be deadly.

AV Manager Harrison Lawrence said, “Every year we develop a video project with the interns, and the fact that Mashed Up had a lot of intern input made this year’s creative project really stand out. They acted as the writers, directors and crew for a product they wanted to make. The value the festival holds and why we love doing it year after year is reflected in the series (to a degree).”

AV Manager and co-creator of the series Richard Khouri said this year’s web series was especially different as it gave the interns a new learning experience.

“The interns were able to be involved on a whole new level by being a part of the creative process and each playing themselves. People will enjoy this series because they will get to see who we are as a festival and we hope there are plenty of moments you’ll get a laugh out of.”

All three episodes will be available to watch on 10 August at www.youtube.com/melbournewebfest

Watch the trailer now: https://youtu.be/BKAkuvmcIaY