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King Tide by Kasper Raglus

BY Modern Times | 29-Mar-2018
Modern Times is thrilled to present the highly anticipated solo exhibition by Kasper Raglus, King Tide. Opening on Thursday 12 April, Raglus a talented young artist from Victoria’s southwest coast presents a collection of striking paintings, working within the constraints of minimalism.
Kasper Raglus’ own special brand of contemporary geometric abstraction has few peers in the Australian art world.

A long-time resident and explorer of Victoria’s famed Surf Coast, Raglus’ nuanced blending of minimalism, geometry, hard edge conventions and painterly detailing produces bold and intricate explorations of his own natural and cultural environments.

Showcasing his mastery in colour combination, sensitivity to composition and meticulousness in execution, King Tide continues Raglus’s investigation of the aesthetic and mathematical qualities of geometry.

Guided by his earlier exploration into visual perception along with the pliable qualities of oil and acrylic paints, he has created a series of experimental works that symbolise his own experiences of growth and maturity.

Aptly named after the famous new moon king tide that ranges from extreme highs to extreme lows, Raglus invites us to imagine a trajectory that extends beyond the edges of the canvas and into the invisible.

Having commenced his career as recently as 2014, this talented artist has quickly earned a number of accolades including a vinyl album cover for Australian band Sagamore, a clock with Hunting For George, painted football for fundraiser with Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision, t-shirt with Modom amongst other collaborative projects that touch on his many passions including that of surfing and classic cars.

Working from his in home studio in Aireys Inlet, Raglus draws on his surroundings for inspiration, filling his days with art, music and surf.