KEEPING ON TRACK"¦ by Fiona Meller

Published by: Bridget Kennedy | 26-Oct-2017
Fiona Meller is a jeweller and sculptor who has exhibited at "Sculpture by the Sea" and other exhibitions in Australia. She has studied visual arts, object design and jewellery and also won several awards for her sculpture and jewellery design.
Venue: Studio 20/17 Project Space
Address: 53 Ridge St, North Sydney NSW 2060
Date: 25/10/17 - 11/11/17
Time: Tues - Sat, 11am-5pm
Call: 411808274
"Keeping on Track" comprises several kinetic installations that display wearable jewellery and other objects. The title of the exhibition ostensibly refers to the track-like movement of objects but it has another meaning that can be discerned only by observation and reflection.

In her practice, Fiona has been experimenting with different design concepts and diverse materials to create objects that are imbued with visceral and evocative meaning. Her work is often inspired and influenced by socio-economic, geo-political and environmental issues that impact everyone. The installations relate to some of the dilemmas and challenges that disrupt our lives and demand new responses. In this exhibition, Fiona has sought to engage the audience with something that appears, on the surface, to be light-hearted and entertaining but which, on reflection, holds a deeper meaning.

Fiona is seeking to present contemporary jewellery as a platform for dialogue about general concerns in the world today. This exhibition is designed to engage and entertain the audience and to provoke discussion about the issues it raises.

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