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Kaleidoscope Gallery Presents - Conversations

BY Kaleidoscope Gallery | 26-Oct-2012
Conversation is the cornerstone of human existence. The desire to mark milestones, memories and transitions both physically and symbolically is part of being human. Mary van de Berk
Venue: Kaleidoscope Gallery
Address: 3-7 Danks Street Waterloo NSW
Date: 8th November - The exhibition will run until Tuesday the 20th November, 2012.
Time: from 6 – 8:30pm
Web: www.kaleidoscope-gallery.com
: https://www.facebook.com/kaleidoscopegallery
EMail: info@kaleidoscope-gallery.com
Call: 02 9319 0934

Kaleidoscope Gallery’s latest exhibition Conversations explores the keystone of human communication – conversation.

A conversation can be a fleeting moment, or have deeper meaning; they can shape relationships and have the capacity to express a myriad of human emotions.

Conversations will feature the art of three highly talented female artists – Belinda Piggot, Mandy Carroll and Mary van de Berk.

Mandy Carroll’s work explores conversations between not only people, but between nature and inanimate objects. A conversation involving two old friends is placed beside that of a rose and a garden gnome.

Mary van de Berk’s work draws on everyday existence, transience and memories. She is interested in the depth of human emotion and in celebrating people and events, past, present and potential.

Conversations also feature the sleek, organic sculptural forms of artist Belinda Piggot.