July at Alternating Current Art Space: Five shows open as part of PROVOCARÉ

Published by: Kate Wallace | 3-Jul-2018
Forming part of PROVOCARÉ 2018, Alternating Current Art Space proudly presents the opening of five new exhibitions by Kate Wallace, Kate Walsh, Andrea Hughes, & Olga Tsara, Cathy Muhling, Ann McGinley, and Mitchel Brannan on Thursday 5 July at 6pm. @alternatingcurrentartspace
Venue: Alternating Current Art Space
Address: 248 High Street Windsor, Victoria Australia 3181
Date: Opening Night: 5 July 6-8pm. Exhibition dates: 5- 28 July
Time: Opening Hours: Thursday & Friday 12-7pm. Saturday & Sunday 12-5pm
Ticket: Free.
Web: http://www.alternatingcurrentartspace.com
: https://www.facebook.com/events/161405884718977/
: http://www.provocare.com.au/events/
: http://www.provocare.com.au/alternating-current-artspace/
EMail: info@alternatingcurrentartspace.com
Call: 03 9525 2459"‹
In her exhibition Pictures, Kate Wallace investigates how we relate and engage with familiar sites. Through a series of intimately scaled paintings she examines how painting can be used to construct a memory of place and time. Using scale, cropping and montage as devices to create multiple narratives, Pictures examines the nature of observation and how paintings slow down the process of viewing.

In The Quieter You Are the More You Can Hear, Andrea Hughes, Kate Walsh, and Olga Tsara explore the nature of memory and the passing of time. Encompassing still life, landscape, and abstraction, the works are influenced by the idea that quietness enables heightened perception. In turn, each artist responds with work that depicts states of remembrance and peace; states achieved through concentration and meditation.

Through a series of softly coloured prints, Cathy Muhling examines the fragility of memory in My Mother's Room. Drawing from photographs taken in her mother's room each week, the works relate to the changeability and dissolution of memory through Alzheimer's disease. The personal narrative that flows throughout My Mother's Room forms part of Muhling's ongoing investigations into the elusiveness of memory, the state of human frailty, remembrance, and fragmentation.

Amorphic-like shapes take form in Ann McGinley's exhibition Chrystallinity. Fuelled by colour and light, the resulting works speak to degrees of crystallinity with 'colours, light and shadows emerging through the chaos of watery paint.' Taking place in Gallery Four, McGinley captures the instantaneous and wonderful spectacle of the real and the imagined.

Finally, Mitchel Brannan presents Affirmative Action #2 (Enconium) in the Cupboard. Through use of colour and collage, the works continue the artist's exploration of composite- a language of abstraction that seeks dialects, regional variation, inflection imposed by exhibition.' Through accumulation and arrangement, Brannan presents materials in a way that delights and stimulates.

All exhibitions will be open until 28 July 2018.

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