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Julia deVille: Sarcophagus

BY Sophie Gannon Gallery | 06-Jun-2012
Melbourne based jeweller and taxidermist Julia deVille presents a new selection of sculptures that will enthrall and intrigue.
Venue: Sophie Gannon Gallery
Address: 2 Albert Street, Richmond, Victoria, Australia
Web: www.sophiegannongallery.com.au
: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sophie-Gannon-Gallery/128438003874398
Julia deVille Lamentation 2012 lamb, rubies, diamonds, sliver platter approx. 75 x 42 x 15cm
Julia's latest body of work seeks to highlight the way our society eats and uses animals and why we find it acceptable to treat some animals in deplorable ways - specifically in factory and battery farming in the dairy and meat industry - and yet we are (in Australian society at least) largely appalled by the thought of eating domesticated animals. Julia will be utilising donated animals (which have died of natural causes) to illustrate her point, including calves, deer, lambs, chicks, kittens, dogs, pigeons and piglets. Exhibition opens on 24 July 2012.