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Josie and the Emeralds at Glebe Music Festival 18 Nov

BY Geoff Sirmai | 22-Oct-2012
Viol Consort Meets Modernity. Music by a Renaissance Master is followed by modern works when Soprano and Viol Consort Josie and The Emeralds present Gibbons and the New at November’s Glebe Music Festival.
Venue: Glebe Music Festival - St Scholastica’s Chapel
Address: Arcadia Rd, Glebe
Date: Sunday 18th November
Time: 3pm
Ticket: $30 / $20 conc available at the door.
Web: www.josieandtheemeralds.com
Call: Advance bookings 0422 334 054

The delicious mix of 17th century English music and contemporary Australian pieces for voice and an ensemble (‘consort’) of viols, is sure to pluck (heart) strings when it appears in the spectacular St Scholastica’s Chapel on Sunday 18 November!

One of the most prized musical instruments of Western Europe in the 15th to 18th centuries, the viola da gamba – or viol – is a bowed string instrument of six or seven strings with an affecting tone similar to the human voice. It’s a rare treat to hear six professionally played viols together and the last time Sydney enjoyed such a pleasure was probably in the 1990s when famous English consort Fretwork toured Australia.

Now, Sydney-based group Josie and the Emeralds (for the ‘Emerald City’ of Sydney!) are joined by three outstanding Melbourne musicians. The six instrumentalists and soprano Josie Ryan will delve deeply into the complex, polyphonic world of Orlando Gibbons and perform some refreshingly new contemporary compositions for added zest! The first half of this concert features all six of Gibbons’ magnificent six-part Fantasias. There’s also one of his beautiful five-part In Nomines and his rollicking six-part Pavan and Galliard.

To mark the 400th anniversary of their publication, soprano Josie Ryan and the Emerald City Viols (to give them their full name!) will also perform some of Gibbons’ Motets and Madrigals for Voices and Viols, including the famous Silver Swan.

The ‘new’ repertoire includes arrangements of pieces by Australian composers Elena Kats-Chernin and Ross Edwards, along with new works for soprano and viols by the group’s director Brooke Green.

Josie and the Emeralds are Josie Ryan, soprano; Brooke Green (director), treble viol;

Fiona Ziegler, tenor viol; Anthea Cottee, bass viol; plus Melbourne guests Laura Vaughan, treble, tenor and bass viols; Laura Moore, treble and tenor viol; Rebecca Humphrey Diederich, bass viol.

Josie and the Emeralds: Gibbons and the New
Glebe Music Festival, Sunday 18th November 3pm
St Scholastica’s Chapel, Arcadia Rd, Glebe
Tickets $30 / $20 conc available at the door. Advance bookings 0422 334 054.

For more information, video & audio samples, visit www.josieandtheemeralds.com