Josh The Cat reveals explosive new video for latest indie-pop banger I'll Remember You' + single launch

Published by: This Much talent | 22-Sep-2018
Melbourne artist Josh The Cat has been honing his unique craft of indie electro-pop across the globe since the release of his first official single Let's Start' in 2015. The anamorphic moniker of producer and singer/songwriter Joshua Teicher, Josh The Cat spent five years cutting his teeth at venues and studios throughout the cultural epicentre and musical oasis of Berlin, before returning to his hometown of Melbourne to release his debut EP Happiness late last year. The rising artist has since revealed his first follow up material of the year with the addictive, bittersweet earworm I'll Remember You'. Propelling 90s pop, naughties production and futuristic ideals through a funky dance portal to the here and now, Josh The Cat is excited to now unveil the single's fantastic new video from Australian director and cinematographer Kyle Wilson.
A long-time admirer of Kyle's work with friends and collaborators Phia and Resin Moon, Josh The Cat met Wilson while touring in Alice Springs and the pair promptly arranged a single day shoot back in Melbourne to create the clip for the funky pop number. Psychedelic visuals melt and merge in this mantric video experience. Digitally exposing hallucinogenic imagery and saturated colour onto bare skin, Wilson has created a sensual yet playful world, hidden from plain sight at the fault lines of lucidity and subconsciousness. Futuristic and fantastical whilst simultaneously paying homage to the charismatic pop greats of the nineties and naughties, I'll Remember You' is a true party starter both sonically and visually.

"Kyle and I were looking at a lot of videos by Outkast, David Bowie, TLC, Tears For Fears, MJ and more to gather inspiration for I'll Remember You' and I admitted my fear that I couldn't bring what those artists bring as I'm a fairly camera shy person. He suggested that we embrace that, even exaggerate this sense that I'm a little cautious, quirky and maybe even awkward. So I got a few friends to come over and they just got completely naked and started dancing around for the camera "“ completely opposing my inhibitions. We got some great footage but had to edit it to keep it G rated (obviously). Then Kyle went away to create the psychedelic masterpiece that it ended up becoming. I got an email asking if I was "cool with being a sort of underwater facemelting wizard" and I'm glad I forgot to write back because seeing the video now I can definitely say that I am very happy." "“ Josh The Cat

To celebrate the latest serving of shimmering nostalgic pop, Josh The Cat will be heading to Melbourne and Sydney for a pair of intimate shows with his new live band at the end of the month. Backed by members of The Cat Empire, Meg Mac and Fraser A Gorman, Josh The Cat will debut this new live line up, joined by the subtle, arty pop tunes of Charlz and the soulful vocals and warm electronics of NIK NAVY in Melbourne, before gracing Surrey Hills' Café Lounge for their free weekly live music night FolkSwagaon'. Be sure to bring your dancing shoes.

Josh The Cat single launch shows
Tuesday 25 September
The Gaso Upstairs
Supports: Charlz & NIK NAVY
Tickets here

Wednesday 10 October
The FolkSwagon, Café Lounge
277 Goulburn St, Sydney
Supports: TBA
Free Entry

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