Jonathon Goodfellow- A Survivor's Journey to Abstraction

Published by: Box Hill Community Arts Centre | 15-Mar-2016
Old, Re-emergent and New Work
Venue: Box Hill Community Arts Centre
Address: 470 Station Street Box Hill VIC 3128
Date: 19 April - 1 May 2016
Time: Monday - Friday 9am-5pm; phone 9895 8888 for weekend hours
Ticket: Free
Call: (03)9895 8888
A Survivor's Journey to Abstraction is Jonathon Goodfellow's first solo exhibition. It follows his photographic career from Art College drop-out to commercial photographer, to activist in Gay, HIV/AIDS and disability law reform movements, before then coming out as a survivor of childhood trauma. This exhibition marks his re-emergence and consolidation as an abstract artist nearly 25 years later.

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