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Published by: YAJA | 13-Apr-2018
This is just a reminder to let you know we are in our third year now, helping students from Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences to showcase their talent.

YAJA offers students a unique opportunity to gain work experience, creating compelling articles covering arts & culture


I've worked in student career development at university level, for seven years. One problem that popped up regularly in discussions with the above mentioned student cohort was the lack of meaningful work experience.

We are here to help students who want to take leadership in developing their career.

This is why we encourage them to engage an online target audience, discussing arts & culture.


If you are a student who is interested in journalistic expression, covering arts & culture topics, publish your articles on the YAJA news feed.

Publishing your article will also ensure:

  • That you will automatically be considered as a candidate for the 2018 YAJA awards
  • That your article will be in competition with other students from around the world
  • And that your article will be shared and read by an international online target audience

It doesn't matter if you win the YAJA or not. Either way, your contribution will show that you are a self starter.

It will add to your graduate portfolio and it will set you apart as a pro-active individual who turns knowing into know-how.

Joining the YAJA publishing team is absolutely free. All that you need to do is to get working on your article.


Your students show leadership in applying theory into practice. Winning a YAJA award not only expresses student excellence, it also reflects on the high standards of teaching at your university.

To help keep these high standards at YAJA, we encourage academic lecturers to join our international judging panel.


We are passionate about student career development. Every student should have the opportunity to showcase their talent and add positively to their graduate portfolio.

We think it is absolutely worth the investment, volunteering our time and efforts to help students graduate and hit the ground running as career starters.

At YAJA we rely entirely on the support from the greater community.

If you are a university academic, an industry professional, a parent, or just someone who believes in the good of our cause, please sponsor YAJA or donate in-kind for the awards night in November.

Find all the details about YAJA on our Website @

If you like what you hear, please share this video with your students, colleagues and friends.

See you at YAJA.

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