Join the witch hunt at Melbourne International Comedy Festival!

Published by: Cathy Culliver | 27-Mar-2017
Bec Petraitis and Martin Dunlop set to ignite your funny bone with Burn the Witch at The Butterfly Club.
Venue: The Butterfly Club
Address: 5 Carson Place (off Little Collins)
Date: 14-23 April 2017
Time: 10:00pm
Ticket: $25-32
Buy / Ticket:
Grab your pitchforks and kindling for the most incendiary comedy since that stand up gig held in the old paint shed! Bec Petraitis and Martin Dunlop are bringing their brand new, high-energy show Burn the Witch to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2017.

Set in a small English village in the 1650s, the town"s children have been mysteriously disappearing. Only Witchfinder General Dunlop and his faithful cockney assistant Jennifer can solve the mystery.

Following the success of Dunlop"s hilarious one-man murder mystery Murder, He Spoke in 2016, Burn the Witch promises to be just as much fun, this time with the exciting addition of Bec Petraitis to the cast.

A combination of highbrow humour (about teenage social structures, the changing face of suspicion and English Civil War politics) and lowbrow humour (about goats, nipples and what it"s like to be drunk all the time in an age where you can"t trust the water), this show uses the English Early Modern witch trials to dissect modern outrage culture, ancient superstition and a frog.

About Martin Dunlop

Martin is a writer and comedian who has been performing since 2010, and has written and performed for various television and comedy festival shows. At MICF 2016, he performed his one-man murder mystery show Murder, He Spoke to packed-out audiences and rave reviews.

About Bec Petraitis

Bec Petraitis is a presenter, writer, producer and part of the Stupid Old Studios comedy production team. She co-wrote and appeared in Australia Think Tank on ABC iView and Australia, Get it up Ya! on C31. With an eternal interest in all things internet, Bec also hosts the podcast Internet Hate Machine with fellow comedy writer Chris Kennett.

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