Joel Ozborn: The Madman & Me

Published by: Tess O'Loughlin Publicity | 4-Mar-2020
Born from the 2018 Documentary Always Amazing, Australian Joel Ozborn's new show The Madman & Me is a comedic personal account of his relationship with genre defying and world- renowned comedy magician, The Amazing Johnathan. It is an explosive exploration of an utterly improbable friendship, and some highly outrageous comedy. The Madman & Me promises a marriage of narrative, humour and heart, while compounding a personal recount of Ozborn's audacious exploits.
Described once by David Copperfield as crazy', The Amazing Johnathan is a groundbreaking and impassioned performer whose antics immediately emboldened a 12-year-old Joel Ozborn. Following his first experience of The Amazing Johnathan in a small Kings Cross club (relax, his father took him), a young Joel persistently sought a professional exchange with the performer - and defying all odds, Joel eventuated the teenage manager of Johnathan's Weird Stuff Magic Kit Company, and eventually rose to be his American Tour Manager.

What followed was 25 years of maniacal determination to make audiences laugh - all occurring between the road, stages and their own garage. It was through these experiences that Joel curated his own vivid style of comedy that once graced the L.A. Venice Beach Boardwalk.

The Madman & Me is a truly eccentric tale that explores how Joel Ozborn, comedy magician protégé, forged his own path to comedic success through a really unlikely friendship.

26th March to 19th April (NO SHOWS MONDAY)
The Victoria Hotel | Boardroom | 6:00pm (5:00pm Sundays)

3rd to 15th Mar (No show Monday 9th) Gluttony | Masonic Lodge North Terrace | 7:20pm

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