Jože Šajn Online Art Exhibition

Published by: Å ajn Gallery Team | 26-Nov-2017
Welcome to the Å ajn Online Art Exhibition! No more requests, proofing and praying at galleries, the internet has opened the door to him. From the very beginning, his artistic path has been set as a challenge opposite the established path that leaned on institutions and authorities. He listened to his inner voice and a feeling that told him what he could do from the inside, from the purest spring of his soul. His helpers have been nature, galleries, books and, above all, laborious but joyful creation. They have showed him the way. Nature and man have always been the objects of his interest.
Šajn presented himself as a painter already in 1955 in the Theatre of Koper and then in the Gallery of the Koper Museum, followed by individual exhibitions in Ilirska Bistrica, Postojna, Trieste, Sežana, Ljubljana, Opatija, Rijeka, Nova Gorica, Izola, Pivka, Kanal ob Soči, Cerknica, Treviso, Lipica, Kranjska Gora, Idrija and many other places. The author presented himself in a large and echoing retrospecitve exhibition in Ilirska Bistrica at six exhibition places at his seventieth anniversary. The monography was published on the occasion. He has had more than 90 individual exhibitions to date. His works are found in private collections throughout the world.

"A quick look into the opuses of self-thought painters, not to mention the most renowned modern ones, shows that they had success mostly because they knew how to oppose traditional schools of painting and establish their own »academy«, tailored to their purposes."

Ivan Sedej

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