Jewellery Fabrication Techniques "“ One Day Workshop

Published by: Bridget Kennedy Project Space | 11-Jul-2018
This one-day intensive jewellery making course is a great introduction for students who'd like to see if they enjoy working with metal.
Suitable for absolute beginners, you'll learn basic techniques of traditional jewellery making, such as annealing, soldering, pickling, cutting, forming, cold joining, jump ring making, and texturing, and walk away with a beautiful sterling silver pendant or earrings.

Experiment and sample with copper or brass before using these new skills to make a sterling silver piece of jewellery.

Students will work from a basic template that can be modified to reflect their own creative style. All tools provided, however there is a $25 material fee.

What you'll learn:

"¢ Saw Piercing "“ How to cut metal using professional jewellery saw frames and blades.
"¢ Texturing and Stamping "“ you'll have fun learning a couple of ways to texture your jewellery, or stamp with letters
"¢ Soldering "“ You'll learn how to anneal your metal and solder the metal together
"¢ Cold Joining "“ how to join different materials together
"¢ Finishing "“ learn how to file and emery your jewellery to bring it to your desired finish
"¢ Patination "“ A special blackening compound can be used to highlight areas of your design on your jewellery

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