Jeeves Verma: He's Just Not That India

Published by: Crowded Comedy | 22-Mar-2016
What happens when you leave your career in Medicine and come out to your ethnic parents as a Comedian?
Venue: Belleville Melbourne
Address: Globe Alley, Melbourne, 3000
Date: April 04 - April 16 (except Sunday)
Time: 7.15pm
Ticket: $16 - $22
Buy / Ticket:
Call: 0438 232 847
Jeeves is Australian, born and bred. But does that mean anything when you are raised by Indian parents? He's Just Not That India is a very personal and intimate story about coming out as a comedian to his very culturally-charged parents. To add insult to injury, they also learn that Jeeves has quit his career in Medicine; effectively stripping him from the expectation of being a "good Indian boy".

He's Just Not That India is a hilarious celebration of diversity, family and heritage. Familiar topics such as "the sex talk," "the dad joke," and the "I'm not racist, but" joke are ingeniously turned on their head, asking audiences to look at the things that unite us, rather than those that can set us apart.

Audiences will also have the unique pleasure of meeting and interacting with Jeeves' father, Indian Dad. This additional character is a walking faux pas. Warm, approachable and reminiscent of every father who cannot tell a joke to save his life.

Jeeves, himself is a comedian local to the Sydney City region for the last 8 years. He has been a Raw Comedy NSW State Finalist and has been described as...

"...everything I need in a stand-up. Confident, charming and very, very funny." - Dave Collins, The Umbilical Brothers

He's Just Not That India is the ideal festival show for anyone who has parents, has children, is ethnic, knows ethnic people, hates cricket and loves or hates cats. Simply put, it is a show for everybody. Bookings highly recommended.

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