Janette Gay: Cornered

Published by: AirSpace Projects | 23-Mar-2016
Cornered, a multi-media digital installation, explores the manner in which our increasingly constrained and inward focussed urban environments can confine our world. The installation will use the restrictions of the white gallery space, in particular it's physical corners to explore feelings of being cornered and forced into restricted positions. #airspaceprojects #janettegay #cornered @AirSpaceP
Venue: Airspace Projects
Address: 10 Junction Street Marrickville 2204
Date: Opening Event Friday 1 April 6-8pm. Exhibition runs to Saturday 16 April
Time: 11-6 Thursday and Fridays, 11-5 Saturdays, first three weeks of each month
Web: http://airspaceprojects.com
: www.facebook.com/airspaceprojects
: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/airspaceprojects/
: https://twitter.com/airspacep
EMail: sally@airspaceprojects.com
Call: 438020661
This installation has been constructed in a restricted white gallery space to heighten feelings of being constrained by our environment. As viewers step into the gallery space, constructed white pillars block our view and while windows frame the space. Videos of city buildings, apartments plus random objects found in the city provide digital images that wrap around the corners of the gallery, traversing its walls. In doing so, the constricted white space, dominant in modern architectural spaces, echo the austerity of the blank high rise apartment and office buildings of our large cities. These act as a metaphor for feelings of disconnectedness from others and our communities.

Since the 1920s artists have sought, in T. Leighton words, 'to rupture the traditional modes of viewing moving images', as a means of expanding visual representation and our understanding of space.

Janette Gay's installation echoes the work of artists such as sculptor Robert Smithson, who explore how personal and architectural spaces impact on the individual. In line with this the installation investigates the way in which urban environments, with their grid-like arrangements and white walls rupture space and contribute to a sense of isolation.

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