James Yuncken | Travels With My Wife: Painting Hong Kong from the water and air

Published by: fortyfivedownstairs | 12-Mar-2021
Travels With My Wife explores bustling harbour and airport scenes in Hong Kong. The challenge of depicting a huge city on a small scale has resulted in intriguing snapshots of cosmopolitan life.
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Ticket: Free
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James Yuncken returns to fortyfivedownstairs later this month with a new series of VERY small paintings. After focusing on Australian cityscapes and landscapes previously, Yuncken expands his observations internationally, at a time when international travel is certainly off the cards for many of us.

Of the impetus for the exhibition, Yuncken explains:

My wife travels to Hong Kong about six times a year for work. I go sometimes to keep her company. I didn't expect a mega-city, an international finance hub to be fertile territory to paint.

But first the airport “ an artificial island in the South China Sea which sets a multitude of airliners against clouded mountains rising above chilling rows of apartment towers in one direction, or a host of dredges and ships in the other “ and then the harbour where ships of all shapes, sizes and ages, overwhelmingly industrial, grubby, somehow nevertheless romantic, inhabit a haze, tropical and industrial where everything is just a bit unclear.

I had to paint all that!

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