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James Voller: Alright? Alright.

BY Beam Contemporary | 17-Nov-2012
A culmination of two years in the UK, James Voller's new installation merges photographic media and constructed space.

Walking upstairs into James Voller's new installation, you could be forgiven for thinking you were stepping back outside onto the street. A street in the thick of East London that is. Squabbles and heckling from Cockney salesman at a market echo around the gallery. "Alright?" "Alright." Here, Voller has created an environment that documents the streets of East London, but in a manner that casts both artist and viewer as a local inhabitant of the place they encounter. Voller knows these streets, this is his neighbourhood.

Conflating the boundaries between photography and architecture, intervention and representation, Voller investigates what defines 'place' by delving into these particular streets of London. One of the most culturally diverse quarters in London, the East End is wedged between three areas that have seen significant economic and social expansion in recent years: the City of London, Olympic developments and Canary Wharf. This environment, Voller says, has prompted his interest in the effects this rapid change has on the places “in-between”.

Combining photography and architectural construction, 'Alright? Alright' is a mature body of work from this emerging New Zealand artist, which considers the links between social and economic change, and the historical importance of documentaries created during such times.