Published by: Robert.f | 15-Jul-2016
Ixw Is For Extreme. Taller Than Anyone Else, Higher And Higher, The Highest You Can Get.

Ixw Is For Extreme.

Ixw Is New Shoes For You. Not Just A Shoe Or Any Shoe But A Show That Lets You Be Seen Coming Above Anyone Else And Definitely At Street Level. The Newest Shoe Collection From Sam Beklik, Xw A.k.a. X Walker. These Are Absolutely The Highest And Most Look Grabbing Shoes You Will Ever Wear. Extremes In Size With A 48 Cm (That Is Almost 19 Inches) Wedge Heel. Extremes In Color And Audaciousness With A Cartoon Graffiti Style Like Nothing You Have Ever Seen.

Taller Than Anyone Else

If You Want The Looks From Everyone In Town Then You Have To Be Seen In The Ixw. This Is A Shoe For Now. A Unisex Shoe That Defines And Defies All The Concepts Of What Is Hot And Who Is What. The Ixw Is The Shoe That Will Get You Seen. First Off You Will Be Taller Than Anyone Else In The Building. No Company's Shoes Are As High As The Ixw. You Might Need A Respirator.

" Ixw / X Walker "

You Will Get Noticed And You Will Probably Get A Few Laughs From Friends And Acquaintances In The Highest Shoe In Town. The Ixw Is Definitely For You. Daringly Avant Garde Styles Fit The Current Feel Of Frivolity In Fashion. Someone Had To Do This And Ixw Just Happened To Be The First And The Highest. It Presents An Entire Collection Of The Highest Heels That Are Without A Doubt The Most Noticeable Fashion Statement That You Can Make This Season Or Any Season. Think Lady Gaga Videos Of A Few Years Ago And You Get A Slight Hint Of What This Is All About.

"""higher And Higher"""
"""the Highest You Can Get"""

Ixw Is Much More Wearable And Comfortable Than Any Other Extreme High Heel That You Will Find. All Day In An Ixw Is No Problem For Your Feet. Ixw Is Designed For The Fashionista In Anyone And Just One Look Will Let You Understand Just How Different Ixw Is. This Is The Perfect Show For People Who Want To Get Looks And Stares.

Photography: Mario Pomwenger
Costume Shoe Design, Styling & Photo Editing : Sam Beklik
Fruit Diner / Salzburg

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