It's a YOUR and MY Nostalgia"¦ Please be with it"¦ Kishore Pratim Biswas

PICA | 17-Sep-2016
Indian contemporary Artist Kishore Pratim Biswas represent the series of "NOSTALGIA OF INDIAN STEAM LOCOMOTIVES""¦ Which is successfully exhibited across the India and abroad. Kishore is always working on the context of Indian heritage last 25 years.
India Contemporary Artist, Kishore Pratim Biswas having a journey of 25-year journey in modern contemporary art movement, has not only strengthened his unconventional thought process, but architected his painting style too.
That time, Kishore was around 5 to 6 years old. He lived in a place where the steam locomotives travel around, and he was always running out to watch and loved to sketch that. This was early memory of Kishore's childhood. Recently he try to recall that and translate into a visual form on the canvas. That is how the series of "NOSTALGIA OF INDIAN STEAM LOCOMOTIVES" come up"¦

Meet, Kishore Pratim Biswas, who is a significant Indian upcoming contemporary artist based in Mumbai, having a unique signature and style of work in the modern contemporary art which creates a unique identity in Indian art movement generation next"¦ More than 30 years having experience in contemporary art he is experimenting with the different medium like; watercolor, acrylic, oil, pan and ink, charcoal, soft pastel and etc. The man have a full of energy to grab most recent trends and style around us which brings him into the next level"¦

Kishore said "Presently there is no steam locomotive around us. It might be seen in the museum or other places as antic. His idea is to re-percent those to the old and new generation through the canvas. It's a YOUR and MY nostalgia"¦

"The "Nostalgic" itself always have an emotional memories of our early days, which we never forget, always be with us. That exciting memories always feel us happy and nostalgic"¦

"¦Same thing happened with me. I never forget those memories of my early days. Where, I spend time with the locomotives, every day I was running to the that. Still I remember the ambient of steams came out from the engine, and lovely sound of whistling"¦Choo"¦ Choo"¦ Choo""¦ Those were most happiest day in my life"¦ those memories are always recall and influence me to do the series of canvas in the nostalgia of Indian steam locomotives "¦ " say Biswas.

That's the story behind the TITLE of the show "Nostalgia of Indian Steam Locomotives".

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