Published by: Luisa Catucci Gallery | 21-Jul-2021
The "GEHEIMKABINETT" exhibition presents the works of 5 artists: Silvia Argiolas, Piero Figura, Andrea Gallo, Nico Mingozzi and Silvia Paci. The exhibition is curated by the non-profit association Isorropia Homegallery from Milan and is set up at the Luisa Catucci Gallery in Berlin. @contemporary art @art in Berlin @ISORROPIA HOMEGALLERY @photography collage @sculpture @oil painting @GEHEIMKABINETT exhibition
Address: Allerstr 38, 12049 Berlin, Germany
Date: 9-Aug-21
Time: 18:30
The title of the exhibition is a tribute to the "Gabinetto Segreto" (Secret Cabinet), a section of the National Archaeological Museum of Naples in which exhibits exclusively erotic and sexual samles of Greek and Roman art.

Over the course of time, the Cabinet has been subjected to censorship, prohibiting the public display of the works it contains and even threatening their destruction.

The sexual act, represented by the ancient art in an explicit and natural way, was seen by later audiences as a symbol of depravity, obscenity and sin.

This fact vividly exemplifies the difficult relationship between the public and erotic art, which has always been controversial and a subject of scandal.

The works of the five artists are a part of this tradition and, with different languages and ways they investigate multiple facets of sexuality, inviting us to a reflective and generative confrontation, starting from the idea that inclusive culture is essential for the collective well-being.

The body becomes the privileged subject of artistic production because of the great number of expressive possibilities it offers: from the continuous research into form to abstraction, from attention to carnal and sexual drives to the loss of identity.

The focal point, however, is the gaze, an instrument for the analysis of reality, which makes connections, links and interlocks to the point of causing a short circuit that disables the way we are used to looking at things.

In the phase of ideological, social and political ferment that we are experiencing, the exhibition sheds new light on the different aspects of sexuality - cultural, caricatural, commercial and magical - in order to overcome boundaries and distrust.

Text by Diana D'Ambra

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