Isabella Valette returns to Melbourne Comedy Festival with brand new show!

Published by: Isabella Valette | 27-Jan-2020
After winning Best Solo Show and getting a nomination for Best Comedy at Fringe at the Edge of the World Hobart, Isabella is back at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with a brand new hour of sparkling stand up, storytelling and songs. She's been directed by Declan Fay (Ronnie Chieng: International Student), she's been a member of comedy cult troupes 'The Big HOO-HAA!' and 'Impromptunes,' and now you can see her live and solo in April.
It's been a big year for Isabella. She's moving up in the world “ from a kids entertainer to a trivia host! She's also hosting team building events, and people's milestones - birthdays, baby showers, hens.. but as Isabella realises her whole career has evolved into making people happy, she starts to question “ how do we seek happiness?

Which routes to happiness and freedom do we seek which imprison instead of empower us?

What limitations are we placing on ourselves in pursuing that which we think is meaningful? These are the questions that cross Isabella's mind, especially after getting a hens group kicked out of a winery after encouraging them to sip their wine through penis straws.

After last year's hit show about her chaotic life as a kids entertainer, How Far I'll Go,' (directed by Declan Fay - Ronnie Chieng: International Student “ Netflix) Isabella is back with a brand new hour to back it up. Now she's going to unpack all of the mistaken ways we try to create meaning in our lives “ through our relationships, careers, money, status, friendships, fetishizations of travel and obsession with milestones. I wanted to create a show that encapsulates my fascination with what I like to refer to as the glorious sea of the crowd.' Events where people come together and fuse into one energy. What happens when we celebrate? What happens when we are a collective? Especially seeing as these days so many people are so individualistic, and afraid of crowds. Valette states. I'm also interested in people who think of life as a game, with different hacks to make yourself, and therefore your life, better. Seeking short-circuits to happiness, or devoting yourself to some cause which should pay off in the future. And then you can relax. But that day never comes, because once you're in that mentality, it's never enough. She says. This all sounds heavy. But don't worry, it's going to be explored in a really fun way. Audiences should expect to see stand up, sketch, and some improvisation and audience interaction. Maybe even a musical number or two. I did train in Musical Theatre. So I sometimes throw in a song or two. She says.

A multi-talented performer, Isabella is a professionally trained singer, dancer, actor and improviser whose talents extend to writing critically acclaimed solo shows that feature hilarious characters, witty original songs, insightful observations, sharp tongued stand up and extremely entertaining true stories that twist and turn into chaotic, hysterical and unforgettable ends. Isabella is on the rise as one of Australia's up and coming talents, with a unique skill set that makes her stand out from the crowd. She trained at the prestigious Arts Educational Schools London, which is presided over by Andrew Lloyd Webber, and is a senior member of two of Australia's top improvisation troupes.

Commands her audience from the moment she hits the stage ” theatre guide

'This very funny lady is still at the embryonic stages of her career and already she's found her voice.' Herald Sun

'A must-watch for her effortless performance' Adelaide Advertiser

'Had the audience roaring with laughter.' Great Scott

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