Irrelevant - a whip smart political satire

Published by: Michelle Nussey | 21-Aug-2016
Mad Men meets Arrested Development in this darkly funny satire about the place of women in politics. Exhausted by the current global political climate but can't look away? Then this is for you. @youareandscene #NusseyNussey @nussburger
Venue: The Butterfly Club
Address: 5 Carson Place Melbourne
Date: August 27-28, September 3-4
Time: 8.30pm
Ticket: $32 - $25
Buy / Ticket:
Michelle Nussey's satire on the place of women in politics hits Melbourne before its New York premiere.

This August, in the depths of The Butterfly Club, the most unexpected of campaign launches is taken place. Making Trump look like a lefty and Sonia Kruger seem like the new Gough Whitlam, there is the husband of Eileen Williams: a new candidate determined to put women back in their rightful place: the 1950s. When he doesn't turn up, Eileen herself is left to sell his policies and rhetoric to the masses.

Irrelevant is a whip smart political satire by Melbourne comedy theatre-maker, Michelle Nussey. The production has been hand-picked to perform in New York in September as part of the United Solo Performance Festival, on 42nd street.

Nussey plays Eileen Williams, a sweet and self-effacing housewife, happy to be seen and not heard. Stuck somewhere between 1945 and 2016, Eileen cheerfully navigates today's world with old fashioned charm, victory rolls and faultless manners, earnestly opining that "A woman saying a man's words is better than no man at all".

It is not surprising that this is the year Irrelevant came to be - the global climate is ripe and ready for a show with an unexpected perspective on politics and gender dynamics. And even if that's not your cup of tea, Irrelevant is still fresh, bright, surprising and wildly funny. It's Mad Men meets Arrested Development live on stage, for four nights only.

With a strictly limited number of tickets on offer, bookings are highly recommended.

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