Irish Film Festival Australia Short Film Competition // IRISH FILM FESTIVAL SYDNEY

Published by: Aidan McLaughlin | 26-Apr-2019
We're not just about the feature films here at the IFFAU. We also appreciate the beauty in short films.
Jane Campion espouses the freedom short film gives to filmmakers. While David Lynch's top priority is his features, he also loves short film experiments, and Lena Dunham's Girls' genus was formed firmly in her College short-film making.

Filmmakers will always cut their teeth, stretch their creativity, build their reels and blow their weekends on short films. We accept Short Film Competition submissions from anyone who identifies as having an Irish background. Here are this year's finalists:

The Elvis Parking Method - Directed By Adam O'Keeffe (8mins 50s)
An ex-couple meet to exchange the last of their possessions. Deliciously awkward.

Bittern - Directed by Adam O'Keeffe (10 mins)
A chance encounter between two strangers on a park bench.

My Future Self - Directed by Jake McKone (3mins 52s)
A time travel comedy was shot 16 years apart (2002 & 2018) with the same actor in the lead role.

Cuirfimid Deaindí (The Dandy) - Directed by Tod Polson (3mins 20s)
Animation. Roaming from town to town, the Daeindi wows the crowds with his magical mechanical knee.

The Troubles (Long Story Short) - Directed by Terry Loughran (4mins 21s)
A small IRA cell based in Dublin during the 1980s have a very particular way of dealing with the increasing heroin problem in their city.

The Ocean - Directed by Sinead McDevitt (3mins 36s)
Music video. One woman's universe expands the more she connects with her lover.

Ulster County Top Challenge - Directed by Sarah McCann (4mins 19s)
Three hikers attempt to ascend all of Ulster's County Tops (mountain peaks) in less than 24 hours. Will they make it?

In This House - Directed by Dara Munnis (3mins 28s) Music video. A harmonious artwork celebrating the diversity and harmony between Irish and Aboriginal cultures.

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