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Invite to opening night for Elements art exhibition

BY Amy Martin | 20-Jun-2012
You are invited to the official opening night for Elements Friday 22nd June 7pm 13 Rosebed St, Eudlo All welcome, opening speeches at 7.30pm, drinks & nibbles served please RSVP (confirmations only) to rosebedadmin@bigpond.com or call the gallery on 54573780
Venue: Rosebed St Gallery & Studio
Address: 13 Rosebed St, Eudlo
Date: Friday 22nd of June 2012
Time: 7pm
Ticket: free
Web: http://rosebedstgallery.com/exhibitions-coming-up/
: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rosebed-St-Gallery-Studio/158507047526586
EMail: rosebedadmin@bigpond.com
postcard for Elements
We're looking forward to celebrating Winter solstice this friday night with the opening of our new show, Elements which showcases the work of Kym Nelson, Jono Bateman, Annie Burns & Maya Carter-Malins. Each artist chose an Element to explore; Jono's element, Earth was an obvious choice for an artist who's passion is connected to the land & environment, Kym's soul is drawn to celebrating the power of the Ocean which of course led her to Water. Annie Burns plays with Fire! Not only is it in her name, but also in her creative passion that her flame flickers bright. Maya's penchant for painting owls and all things mystical lead her to into a conversation with the Air element.