Invitation to the Opening Celebration of CONCENTRIC UNITY - JINTAKA-JUKU Exhibition

Published by: L A U R E N T Gallery | 16-Nov-2017
Exhibition Opening Celebration Thursday December 7th from 7.30 - 9.30 pm @ the L A U R E N T Gallery, 115 Thistlethwaite St, South Melbourne.
Venue: L A U R E N T Gallery
Address: 115 Thistlethwaite St
Date: 12/7/2017
Time: 7.30 pm
Call: 481055558
Concentric unity is the title of a collaborative exhibition between Julian Di Stefano Jungurri and Alice Nelson Napurrurla, two distinctive individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds with a common interest.

They have come together in an artistic, brother and sister relationship to produce a series of mixed media works that are a dynamic synergy of digitally generated imagery and indigenous hand crafted meditations.

The concentricity of the works appropriately appropriates a common symbol that spans many cultures. The commonality of the circle is a ubiquitous presence and a symbol and image employed in many cultural contexts. But precisely, in these collaborative works one finds a uniquely invested energy, with personal aspirations and universal meaning.

The digitally generated under-layers of nuanced colour on canvas are disrupted and augmented by the acrylic paint dotting technique and by the intuitive interactive colorations added. This dynamism creates optical pulsating vibrations, the works are not static; the dotting is posited energy and dominates the digital geometry of measured intervallic orbiting rings, the figures are active upon the grounds passages of rest, the figure in the void, in the dark and light matter.

These are contemporary works, produced neither as Eurocentric icons, nor as purely indigenous traditional works. In fact they transgress the neatly market driven categories of indigenous and non-indigenous art parameters, and of the politically correct boundaries of the gallery systems. These collaborative works are not common; yet adopt a practice of communal work. The productions are indeed risky works.

These artworks are ancient and contemporary challenging universal cultural symbols. The unity is thus the heavens have no boundaries, they unite and humble, and the constellations reflect nature"s sublime terrifying glory.

The project is a conscious endeavour, concretely articulated in the works to express a unity and spirituality between two individuals and aiming to bridge two cultures. The undertaking reflects a desire, a longing for reconciliation and unity in the Australian context, between indigenous and non-indigenous people. This project has come to fruition over three years. The friendship has endured many more years, and is a small testament of hope and unity and a small step towards Jintaka-juku: reconciliation.

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