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Introducing Melbourne-based vocalist, producer and performer Komang, blending electronic RnB and Balinese influences on vibrant debut single ‘Dewi

BY This Much Talent | 21-Aug-2020
“Komang's music possesses a unique feminine strength that is empowering and entirely engaging. Her knack for weaving stories into electronic soul & 90s house-style production is truly exciting - I can't wait to hear more from Komang.” – Sui Zhen
Introducing Melbourne-based vocalist, producer and performer Komang
Following a sold-out first show at AsiaTOPA as part of SIGNAL Young Creatives Lab, Melbourne soul’s ‘new-kid-on-the-block’ Rosie Clynes aka Komang is finally lifting the veil on her long-awaited debut single ‘Dewi’. Endorsed by a mentorship with local electronic powerhouse Sui Zhen and citing Kelsey Lu, Erykah Badu and Little Dragon as her influences, the multidisciplinary producer, performer and vocalist blends soul-based groove and echoes of traditional Gamelan to create vibrant electronic RnB described as ‘neo-soul meets Balinese mystic power’ and ‘Solange with an Indonesian twist’.

Out today through Ditto, ‘Dewi’ is the first track to be lifted off of Komang’s forthcoming EP Mythologies set to be released later in the year. Layering ethereal electronic soul, ‘90s house-style production and Komang’s truly enchanting vocals, ‘Dewi’ pays homage to motherhood, ancestry, tradition and family in a powerful display of sonic femme energy.

“Touching upon the Balinese belief that we are reborn into our future generations, Dewi is both the Indonesian word for ‘goddess’ and a common name for women across the archipelago, making it an ode to femme lineage, the strength of wom*nhood and a call to action to be a good ancestor for those to come.” – Komang

Formally trained as an actor, Komang's flair for production started while working as a performer and writer in Jakarta’s contemporary theatre world. It was there that, entranced by the city’s jazz and hip hop community, she began learning to produce her own music, becoming a frequent collaborator with Jakarta’s own soul scene (Greybox, Ezra Kunze) before returning back to Melbourne. Earlier this year, Komang turned heads and pricked ears at her sold-out AsiaTOPA show with a night of spoken word performances, dancers, DJs and an Indonesian feast, all curated by Komang herself. The evening celebrated the creation of her forthcoming Mythologies EP, a sonic exploration of her return to Indonesia as an adult - relearning language, traditions and stories.

With more music soon on the horizon, her multidisciplinary vision, ties to community and epic themes of longing and mythology make Komang a definite one to watch for the immediate future.

‘Dewi’ is out now through Ditto Spotify / iTunes / Apple Music / Bandcamp.

‘Dewi’ Credits
Written and produced by Komang
Mix: Maxwell Roberts
Master: Nicholas Di Lorenzo at Panorama Mastering
Vocal Engineer: Naomune Anzai at Rolling Stock Recording Rooms