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Published by: International Competition for Intermedia Artwork - | 22-Dec-2018
The International Competition for the Intermedia Artwork is organised by the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, The Faculty of Intermedia and the Foundation for Development of Intermedia Artwork.2018 marks the first edition of the event. It is open to all Intermedia artists. There are multiple purposes for this competition. We want to identify artworks that may initiate a discussion on comparison and evaluation criteria for Intermedia works of art. We also want to focus on the presentation forms of such works and their role in communication.

Jury members:

Izabella Gustowska,
Ryszard W. Kluszczyński,
Michał Ostrowicki / Sidey Myoo,
Mirosław Rogala,
Jeffrey Shaw
awarded four artworks in the following categories: Intermedia Artwork and Intermedia Artwork Concept.

Intermedia Artwork

Following a careful examination of 55 artworks submitted for the Intermedia Artwork competition, the jury decided not to award Grand Prix. Despite the excellent standard of the works, none of the works was fulfilling enough to be awarded with an individual prize. Given the circumstances, the jury decided to divide the prize between two contestants. First Prize PLN 7 500: Dainotti Emanuele (Italy), Un cuento de Santa Maria, 2018 The artwork possesses an excellent construction of a narration. It employs novel medium of film expression within 4 channel presentation. The ascetic aesthetics and image construction minimalism were confronted with passionate, dramatic human relations, and the dominance of gender issues.

First Prize PLN 7 500: Tsao Leo (Australia), Four Walls, 2018
Jury took into consideration the universal presentation of human existence, which was infused with dispersion and transformation. The artwork depicts life of four people, whose world slowly has been subjected to a destruction. The work manifests the value of the transformative effects upon the reality, which naturally disintegrates and reconstructs itself again.

Sponsor Proze: Piotr Wyrzykowski (Poland), Manhunt 2.0, 2018
Our sponsor Optoma funded an award "“ a digital projector worth 2900 PLN.

Audience Prize PLN 5 000:
You can vote for your favourite work during the winning works' exhibition at Opcja Gallery of the Faculty of Intermedia. Watch and decide who should get PLN 5000. The announcement of the results will take place on 18th January 2019. Check out our website:

Intermedia Artwork Concept

Following a careful examination of 33 projects submitted for the Intermedia Artwork Concept competition, the jury decided to award two works, which will be carried out during the second edition of The International Competition for the Intermedia Artwork.

The winner in this category wins an opportunity to carry out the project.
The organisers shall work with the author to prepare the project and to fund its public presentation and promotion during the next edition of the competition. .

Lincoln-Vogel Auden (United States), Automated Association
The jury appreciated the novel artistic aspect of an application for mobile devices and VR headsets, as well as the possibilities offered by them in respect to the virtual reality and its relation with the real world. Automated Association Project is based on the algorithms of search engine, which allows to search the web for visually similar images. The artwork undertakes a reflection on the process of constructing reality and individual identities in digital worlds. .

Krzysztof Mazur (Poland), Supersymetria
The jury appreciated the originality of the work within the context of scientific discourses. This interactive installation has been based on the ideas of multi-dimensions within the social aspect. The project possesses the values of dynamic, unpredictable reality and human relations. It appreciates the relationships amongst the art, science and technology.

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