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Published by: Tim Stackpool | 3-Jun-2020
This episode introduces a new virtual online museum, local art schools pivot due to COVID, and a board game called CURATORS is now available.
Season 2 - Episode 5
Necessity is the Mother of Invention

This episode looks at innovation in the face of adversity. A new virtual art museum is under construction, based upon online gaming platforms and design; local art schools are discovering opportunities with online classes; and a new board game studies the challenges faced by curators.


Stuart Semple describes his vision for VOMA, a Virtual Online Museum of Art which is built upon technology used by gaming platforms and motion picture CGI. The project, designed from the ground-up, stands alone and will operate similar to a regular art gallery, but exist entirely online only.

Jennifer McNamara is the founder and director of ART EST, a much admired art school in Sydney's Inner West. Jennifer shares the journey suffered by many local arts schools and colleges over the past few months, and confidently looks to the future with new ideas inspired by recent social distancing.

Pablo Jomer is developing a board game called CURATORS, capturing the essence and challenges faced by curators building a museum collection. Originally devised by Jacob Westerlund, the game has been crowdfunded via Kickstarter, with pledges also assisting the naming of characters in the gameplay.

Transcripts of interviews are also available at the podcast website ( The transcriptions are made possible by the support from Pixel Perfect Prolab - The photolab for professionals.

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