Innovative Melbourne artist ORCHA shares his latest euphoric instalment ATLAS' lifted from forthcoming debut album

Published by: This Much Talent | 20-Apr-2020
Boundary pushing artist ORCHA is thrilled to reveal a new slice of psychedelic dream-pop mastery on his latest track ATLAS'. Following from the act's first two singles; Reverie' released in May 2019 and Depths' released in September 2019, ATLAS' presents the third sonic imagining under this moniker from seasoned Melbourne performer Matt Sheers.
The classically trained violinist has been culminating a selection of diverse and innovative electronic samples under the ORCHA guise for two years, exploring different states of mind such as isolation, joy and grief, all centred around the mysteries of the human experience. His lush new single exemplifies these states in an all-encompassing soundscape of great emotional depth.

ATLAS' is ORCHA's most textural offering to date. A timely song about the heaviness of the world's pain, the ever so aptly titled track is dream-pop at peak poignancy. Teaming up with co-producer Luis Kennett, ORCHA's distinct production densities allow interactive shimmering layers to serve as signposts into the many nooks and crannies of his creative multiverse. A gateway into the mind of Sheers, ATLAS' is wonderful, rich, atmospheric and vividly imaginative, and once again challenges the violin's purpose as a historically classical instrument.

ATLAS is a song about feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders, a heavy feeling that you can't shake no matter how hard you try. I was rushing around 24/7, no time to rest or recoup, and always burning myself out. One day at the studio I just sat down and asked myself why I was doing that to myself every day; then ATLAS just kind of poured out of me in a few recording sessions. I think my subconscious was telling me to slow down, and maybe even wrote the song on my behalf. The song is a little reminder to myself to take things slower, give myself time to manage my health and energy levels and to remain strong even when my mental health isn't as good as it could be. I really explored using lots of affected violin sounds in this track: all the synths and melodies are violins that have been altered in one way or another, mostly using Ableton plug-ins and my Helix LT audio effects pedal and was excited that I could emulate the dreamy 80s synth-pop sounds that inspired the track. This is the next single off my upcoming album, there's so much more cooking away right now and I can't wait to release them into the world! - ORCHA

Recorded while in incubation at his purpose built studio Natural Habitat, ORCHA's debut album promises to be his most melodic work to date; fuelled by lush vocals and textured melodies, which unfurl into a universe entirely of his own making. Working with multiple producers such as James Cecil (Architecture in Helsinki), Robert P. Downie (Hemm) and Luis Kennett (Luboku), ORCHA's process is a continuum of refinement, with the songs of his debut record lifted to great heights through collaboration, constant manipulation and realisation.

Keep a finger on the pulse for the album release date is just around the corner and keep an eye out for upcoming online performances. ATLAS' is out now via

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