Innes - 'Bits' Album Launch Tour

Published by: Heapsaflash | 2-May-2017
Folk electronica artist Innes has officially released his ten track solo album "Bits" and announced an album launch tour to boot.
Venue: Cardigan Bar / Milk Factory / Peak Festival / Retro Bar
Date: Cardigan Bar - Friday 19th May, Milk Factory - Sunday 28th May, Peak Festival - June 9th - 12th, Retro Bar - Fri 16th June
Ticket: Cardigan Bar - Free | Milk Factory $10 @ Door | Peak Festival See Festival Website | Retro Bar FREE
Buy / Ticket:
Folk electronica artist Innes is set to officially release his ten track solo album "Bits". Entirely self produced, from the writing, the playing, the recording, production and artwork right through to the accompanying clips for tracks "Bells", "Ocean" and 'How Many', Innes has independently constructed everything on the album.

Inspired by sources as diverse as Radiohead, Nick Drake & Superpitcher to WWII YouTube documentaries, "Bits" also captures and marries Innes" passion for the exploding 90"s UK electronica scene with his bluegrass beginnings. 2 years in the making Innes says: "I had to detach myself mentally while coming up with the ideas for songs, I did this by watching YouTube documentaries about WWII and learning German. I sat there in the studio with headphones on listening to German or watching documentaries while my hands did whatever they wanted on guitar or mandolin."

After the release of tracks Green Morning & The Donald Train Part 1 late last year "Bits" takes a look at the satirical perspectives of worldly politics while engaging and appropriating German culture and the diverse sounds of Innes multicultural upbringing. It"s this mix of influences that, merged with an inherent need to create - defines Innes, the artist. Themes of authenticity that extend beyond his musical realm into the personal. From Stirling, Scotland, he is now a Queensland native. A practicing musician, he is also a practicing GP. His passion for hard core electronica is matched only by his passion for traditional bluegrass. Under another moniker Innes releases electronic music as Jayden Capalaba.

But for now, it"s to "Bits', his debut release as a solo artist, that all ears turn. The clip for lead single from the album "Bells" is the perfect case in point of the DIY aesthetic Innes applies to all he does. "I envisaged a video that tells the story of someone being surrounded by fantasy objects - in this case mostly holograms, ghosts and poor quality video images and it becomes hard for him to tell what is real and what is not. To achieve this I realised I needed a 3D space, so I looked up how to build a rotating platform and I found someone who'd done it for this purpose in the states and I adapted his idea. I had to spend a bit of time working out how to use a jigsaw and other tools, I took apart three drills trying to make a motor. Thankfully I still have all my fingers."

"Bits" is out now! Download from iTunes or and catch Innes launching "Bits" throughout Brisbane with a special performance at Peak Festival in Perisher:

Cardigan Bar - Sat 20th May

7pm - 10pm
w/ Jody + Innes
Free Show

Milk Factory - Sunday 28th May

3pm - 6pm
w/ Jody + Innes
$10 At Door

Peak Festival - June 9th - 12th


Retro Bar - Fri 16th June

7pm - 10pm
w/ Jody + Innes

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