Indie electronic artist Youthfire reveals expansive new single "Lift Me Up" from forthcoming debut EP + MMW launch show

Published by: Sarah Guppy - This Much Talent | 5-Nov-2017
Emerging indie electronic sensation Youthfire has been producing textural soundscapes of cathartic euphoria since he first broke onto the scene with his debut single "World On Fire" in 2014. Since then, the evolving solo project of Stephen Carmichael has piqued the interests of music professionals and fans alike, transcending with each release from one-to-watch to an absolute must see. Youthfire"s latest piece of work "Lift Me Up" unveils Carmichael"s multi-faceted talent.
Venue: Ding Dong Lounge
Date: Friday 24 November
"Aussie artist, Youthfire, exposes human frailty at its most pristine state with exquisite minimalism." - Aupium

The follow-up single to its dreamy predecessor "Puppet" - released in September - "Lift Me Up" echoes a familiar sense of vulnerability and melancholia that has come to distinguish the best of Youthfire"s work. Opening with delicate keys beneath Carmichael"s whispering vocals, "Lift Me Up" builds with anticipation and suspense to reach an expansive crescendo of washed out synths and orchestral harmonies that crash then simmer like a breaking wave.

Edging ever closer to the forefront of Melbourne"s electronic music scene, Youthfire is gearing up to play alongside Mo-Louie, Sloe Motion and Abraham Tilbury at Technicolour Wonderland - a night celebrating pride and diversity as part of the Melbourne Music Week Program - and will be releasing and launching his debut EP Lift Me Up on Friday 24 November featuring previous singles "Puppet", "Hallucinate" and latest single "Lift Me Up" along with songs he"s written over the past six years.

'Lift Me Up' single is taken from Youthfire's forthcoming EP of the same title and will be available Friday 3 November as an instant download included with the pre-order the Lift Me Up Ep via iTunes // Bandcamp.


Mo Louie - Abraham Tilbury - Youthfire
with video art by Sloe Motion
Friday 24 November
Ding Dong Lounge

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