IMPROVILICIOUS - The Improvised Guide to Video Games

Published by: Always Working Artists | 5-Mar-2019
The Improvilicious team returns to Melbourne International Comedy Festival for a wildly unpredictable school holiday show.
Venue: Melbourne Town Hall - The Powder Room
Address: 100 Swanston St Melbourne
Date: 6-21 April 2019
Time: PM
Ticket: $15.00-$19.90
Buy / Ticket:
Hey everybody, switch off that video game and come to see our totally unscripted, spontaneously live and awesomely improvised show about"¦ video games. From Pac-Man to Pokémon, from crushing the candy to saving the princess, our players will put you in the game!

The latest release of Improvilicious features everything you want from a video game, but live on stage. Extraordinary characters, fantastic worlds, epic challenges, weird sound effects and even cute animations - all created by two performers, based on suggestions from the audience, via a magical interface called 'a stage'. (Expect to see a few audience members sucked into the game Jumanji-style.) No tricky consoles - just shout out commands - and graphics so good you'll think it's the real thing.

And because it's improvised, every show is a new and unique awesome adventure!

With more atmosphere than your lounge room, and less technology than an Atari 2600, Improvilicious is impro-larious school holiday fun.

Our top-scoring players are Amberly Cull (The Big HOO-HAA!, Impromptunes), Cassie Daly (Shania Choir, and every Improvised Guide since 2015) and Jimmy James Eaton (Arcade Arcade, The Big HOO-HAA and TV's Slideshow.)

Improvilicious has been delivering the laughs to everyone aged 8+ since 2014, with improvised guides to Superheroes, BFFs, The Internet, High School and The History of Theatre.

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