IMPROVILICIOUS: The Improvised Guide to BFFs

Published by: Improvilicious | 4-Feb-2017
Meet Ben and Cassie - your new best friends. After conquering the internet, high school, and history, our award-winning improvisers are back with their new impro-larious, edu-comical and help-arific guide for tweens and teenagers to making Best Friends Forever. With audience participation and awesome improvisation, every show is unique! #improvilicious @improvilicious #comedyfestival2017 "Inspired and hilarious" - The Herald Sun
Venue: Melbourne Town Hall - The Powder Room
Address: 90-130 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Date: 1 - 16 April 2017
Time: 1
Ticket: Full: $19.90 Kids & Preview: $15.50 Family: $60 Laugh Pack: $15.50
Buy / Ticket:
Lend me a pen, save me a seat, can I have a chip? And tell him to tell her that I said I"ll think about it. OMG that is totally an in joke between just us, sorry I can"t explain. You had to be there. And we were. And now you can be too.

Comedy besties Ben and Cassie are back with another improvised guide to help navigate those awkward years the best way possible: by laughing at other people. This year it"s all about friendship. Friends. You know, those people you"re thrown together with who don"t annoy you as much as your family does. The ones who lend you things, borrow your money, listen to you complain, share food with you and have something really important to tell you right now and no it CAN"T WAIT.

Ben Russell, the short moustachioed man from Tokyo Hotel and Nö Shöw, and Cassie Daly, the sassy sequined songstress from Quiz In My Pants, leave their coarse language and mature themes at stage-door to perform their new show for tweens and teenagers. Road-tested at real schools in the northern suburbs, Improvilicious ingeniously incorporates real young people from the audience in every show.

Join Ben and Cassie on a ride through improvised scenes, games and story to see if they really can find an ending that makes any sense at all. And help them out, because that"s what friends are for.

"Inspired and hilarious" - The Herald Sun

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