Iheap - Call for Applications - Session XII, 2016/2017

Published by: Morgane Roussel | 28-Aug-2016
Iheap - Call for Applications. Session XII, 2016 /2017
Address: Paris / New York
Web: http://iheap.fr/en/
Iheap is a post"‘graduate institute for research and experimentation in art. It represents the educational branch of the Biennale de Paris.

Iheap offers to its researchers an unprecedented course of study that aims to liberate them from the inherited ideas of 20th century art history. It proposes to them an inquiry into the crucial issues of 21st century art, the history of which is now unfolding and in which they might eventually participate.

Iheap is a liquid school, with each lecture or workshop taking place at a different location, and counts on the participation of numerous guest lecturers who are coming from various fields, such as art, philosophy, economics, sociology and so on.

Iheap is addressed to those who present interest in unique demarches, those who want to redefine their artistic practice or professional activity, those who reject art as it is commonly practiced, those who expect from a school to be more than just a context for artistic production and, finally, those who, offered the right circumstances, will want to focus their research on issues they deem crucial.

Course of study

The course of Iheap mixes practice and theory. By the end of the session, the participants will have to draft a Session Project and write a Report of Activities. Upon completion, Iheap confers a post-graduate diploma (Diploma for Research and Experimentation in Art). Participants may be enrolled in a parallel course of study while attending Iheap. Eligible candidates are not, however, required to hold a prior degree.


November 30, 2016 "“ June 30, 2017 (Paris)
March 2nd - May 22, 2017 (New York)


Applications for admission are reviewed on a rolling basis, according to the available places.


Iheap Paris
Deadline: September 15, 2016.
The application procedure: http://iheap.fr/fr/candidature

Iheap New York
Deadline: December 14, 2016
The application procedure: http://iheap.fr/en/candidature/


Iheap Paris
Institut des hautes études en arts plastiques

Iheap New York

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