Identities by Jan-Maree Oliveira

Published by: Bridget Kennedy | 16-May-2019
An exhibition at Bridget Kennedy Project Space.
Venue: Bridget Kennedy Project Space
Address: 53 Ridge Street North Sydney, NSW 2060
Historically, being fashionable was about perfect coordination, and following trends. While trends still mandate current fashion, there is now more importance placed on self-expression and individuality. Jan-Maree Oliveira explores the aesthetics behind mixing and matching in Identities, a collection of interchangeable earrings. Individuals can combine pieces and explore a wide variety of trends and styles through the unification of seemingly dissimilar elements. Through mixing, matching, and clashing, individuals can express themselves and their style in a versatile, bold and distinctive manner.

Exhibition is free and runs July 4th-27th. Gallery hours are Wednesday - Saturday, 11am-5pm.

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